Welcome to Tulsa Girls Art School!

Empowering underserved girls through visual arts training.

At Tulsa Girls Art School (TGAS), our goal is to provide specialized art training to talented and motivated elementary school-aged girls living in the inner city of Tulsa. TGAS is different from other local charitable organizations providing professional level art instruction by local art teachers and artists.

We provide a small class environment to give students plenty of individual instruction and encouragement. TGAS focuses on increasing student understanding and appreciation of art and the life of an artist. We encourage children to see themselves as artists and life-long participants in the arts. TGAS is a federally approved 501(c)3.

 “Creative Conversation”

Saleen, Yori and Matt visited TCC’s center for creativity to talk about TGAS! 

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Produced by Tulsa Community College, Center for Creativity

The 2016 Through a Child’s Eye Gala: Tablescape Show!

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Produced by Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions

                                                                                                                    Produced by Ben Ihloff 

“Breathe These Dreams” by Jenny Labow

img_36586947At the TGAS fall fundraiser, “Through A Child’s Eye,” Jenny Labow performed her new song “Breathe These Dreams,” written and recorded specially for TGAS. Thank you, Jenny…we absolutely love it!

Proud Member of Arts Alliance Tulsa

Proud Member of Arts Alliance Tulsa