Welcome to Tulsa Girls Art School!

Empowering underserved girls through visual arts training.

Tulsa Girls Art School is an afterschool, social service program that uses art as a vehicle to reach our students. Our students learn entrepreneurialism, fiscal responsibility, art show curation, and public speaking skills during their time here. Our professional art teachers instruct the girls on what it’s like to be an artist in the real world, including the business of art shows, creating a body of work and speaking to art patrons.

The program is not your typical afterschool arts program! We accept 12 new 3rd graders each year and serve them all the way through their senior year. Over ten years, Tulsa Girls Art School provides consistency. This program is about more than art, it’s a safe place.



“Creative Conversation” – Saleen, Yori and Matt visited TCC’s Center for Creativity to talk about TGAS!
Produced by Tulsa Community College, Center for Creativity

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 Produced by Ben Ihloff