Volunteers help make our mission a reality. Throughout the life of the organization we have seen many milestones – multiple Art Shows each year, an incredible annual gala, and graduates that proceed to a higher education are but a few of the highlights. Our Volunteers have played a vital role by contributing time, skills, enthusiasm and passion all while acting as public advocates. In order to continue growing this vibrant organization we need the service of our community. The work of our organization has been greatly extended through volunteer service into areas that, otherwise, could not be considered because of limited resources. We are grateful for all that our volunteers do and look forward to continued growth and relationship in the coming years.

Tulsa Girls Art School is always looking for volunteers to help with art assistance, special events, office duties, and more. If you are interested please contact us at: info@tulsagirlsartschool.org

Tulsa Girls Art School Goals:

  1. Increase student understanding and appreciation of art and the life of an artist.
  2. Encourage a child to see themselves as an artist and a life-long participant in the arts and museums. Nurture and guide a student’s individual art style.
  3. Increase students’ creative and critical thinking skills, discipline and concentration. Instill confidence and passion for painting and other art media.
  4. Teach the business side of the arts by having student shows to raise funds for TGAS programs and studio supplies. Teach students how to have a public art exposition and earn revenue from the sales.
  5. Increase public art by painting murals displayed on Tulsa’s urban buildings. Increase advocacy of local art.
  6. Build an art portfolio and artistic style. Portfolios can be used for applications to fine art schools or universities in further studies.
  7. Expose students to a variety of professional artists and mediums.
  8. Identify and develop extraordinary young artists who have the potential to pursue a college degree in art.