Fall 2017

Jeanie Gooden

The girls collaborated with abstract artist, Jeanie Gooden, to create a big, beautiful, emotional work that will be auctioned off at our annual gala. Each girl painted what was in their heart, via abstract expressionism. Then they deconstructed their canvas, choosing their favorite element of their work. Jeanie then took these pieces and added her own unique style, resulting in artistic genius.

Summer 2017

Jay Slack

Jay Slack is one of TGAS’ favorite local artists… this is the 2nd summer in a row that he has come to share his glassblowing skills with our girls! Jay taught the girls how to make marbles and wish-catcher necklaces!


Spring 2017

May Yang and Flash Flood Print

Fellow Kendall-Whittier resident, May Yang of Flash Flood Print came to TGAS to teach us the ropes of Serigraphy! May took us to her studio to show us the pre-print process and how a print studio works. Then we returned to TGAS to create our own unique works on paper!


Spring 2017

Mad Luellen & Emma McMillan

Mad and Emma were roommates in art school at Cooper Union in NY. Emma taught half of the girls to stretch their own canvases and experiment with ‘grounds’ Grounds create unique textures and are made with ordinary materials like sand, feathers, and tissue paper mixed with gel medium. Mad collaborated with Garden Deva on a sculpture project with the advanced girls. They created metal homes that included iconography representing their feelings about the Tulsa Race Riots. With our beginners students, Mad taught the girls to paint like Gerard Richter, with palette brushes.


Fall 2015

Linda Allen

Tulsa Girls Art School was honored to work with Tulsa-based mosaic artist Linda Allen. We collaborated with Linda to create 6 large pieces to be auctioned at our annual Gala. Linda and the girls interpreted drawings from our beginner students into life-size mosaic panels. The results are beautiful!


Summer 2015

Emily Chase

Fayetteville Artist Emily Chase had her intricate paper dresses on display at Living Arts of Tulsa, and the TGAS girls loved them! We were lucky to invite Emily to our studio and learn how to make paper light boxes!


Sally Heller

4/13-17, 2015

Installation Artist Sally Heller is coming from her home in New Orleans to work with TGAS students!  Sally and the girls will collaborate on creating a multi-media, art installation in conjunction with the TGAS Spring Show on Thursday, April 16.



Maria Fragoudaki

9/17-21, 2014

Greek artist Maria Fragoudaki will talk to TGAS students about Greek mythology and teach abstract methods. She uses mixed media such as oils and acrylics on large canvas surfaces and incorporates the technique of collage. Moffett says she is an up and coming international artist, having participated in numerous group exhibitions in New York, Belgium and Greece. Her work is also part of private and corporate collections in New York, London, Greece and Belgium.



Paton Miller



Famous Southampton artist, Paton Miller is visiting TGAS Feb. 26 – March 1.

He will teach the girls his unique style of drawing, which he learned in art school at Southampton College.

Mark your calendars! Paton is exhibiting his work at TGAS on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. with an artist lecture at 6 p.m.

Karen Mainenti


James Gaar