One of the goals of Tulsa Girls Art School Project, Inc. (“TGAS”) is to provide a safe environment for all children, youth and adults while engaged in TGAS activities. The purpose of the TGAS Child Protection Policy (the “Policy”) is to provide uniform policies, procedures and guidelines to achieve that goal.


This Policy applies to all circumstances when TGAS is entrusted with the care of children and youth, including, but not limited to, art training, art and museum excursions and art shows. The Policy does not apply to situations where a young person is employed by TGAS or by a single member of TGAS.



  1. All volunteers for student activities must provide TGAS with accurate and up to date contact information, including, but not limited to, birth date, social security number, full name and other names that they have previously gone by, address and phone number.
  2. Back ground checks shall be conducted on all staff and volunteers before they are permitted to work or volunteer in connection with students’ activities. TGAS shall request that all volunteers pay the cost of the background check but no person shall be denied the ability to volunteer because of an inability to pay the cost. Follow up background checks shall be conducted on each volunteer or member of the staff at least every two years. In the intervening year, TGAS staff may conduct internet searches at reliable databases on all staff and volunteers.
  3. No person shall be permitted to be connected with TGAS who has been charged with any type of child abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual abuse).
  4. If a background check reveals any areas of concern, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors of TGAS for a final determination on whether the person can be involved in any activities related to the students.

Two adult rule:

  1. The goal is to have 2 adults present with the students at all times.
  2. The exceptions to the 2-adult rule are arts teachers and staff under certain circumstances, for example transporting the students in a van to and from the art school.
  3. In the event that any member of the TGAS staff is alone with a student, they shall be in a location where others can see them.
  4. The door to any room in which TGAS sponsored activities for students are taking place shall remain open.
  5. No student engaged in TGAS sponsored activities my ride in a car with an adult who is not his or her parent, without the express consent of the custodial parent. The exception to the foregoing is if an adult is transporting a child or you for the purpose of obtaining medical care and/or treatment for an injury sustained, or illness that arose, while engaged in an TGAS sponsored activity.
  6. When taking children to the restroom, staff or volunteers will enter to assist the child only when it is necessary or when the child is unable to care for herself.


  1. All persons who drive children or youth at TGAS activities must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age.
  2. All drivers must provide TGAS a copy of a valid drivers’ license and a copy of their current insurance verification form.  See, www.dsp.state.ok.us/dls/.
  3. Every child, youth or adult who is transported to a TGAS activity shall have a seat belt.

Field Trips:

  1. No student shall be permitted to go any activity away from TGAS unless TGAS has a copy of the Medical Release and Field Trip Authorization Form (Exhibit A), which has been executed by the custodial parent for the child.
  2. All field trips must be planned in advance.

Medical Information:

  1. Each year TGAS shall require the parents to provide information regarding each student that will participate in TGAS sponsored activities. The information shall include any information regarding child custody and/or medical issues that the parent believes TGAS should be aware of.
  2. Although TGAS is not governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the staff should endeavor to treat any information disclosed as confidential and provide it only to those other members of the staff and volunteers who need the information for the benefit and safety of student.

Sexual Misconduct:

  1. Any person who has any knowledge of any allegations or acts of sexual misconduct or molestation or abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) is required by law to report the matter to the Department of Human Services. See, Okla. Stat. tit. 10, §7101, et seq. In addition, the person shall immediately bring the matter to the attention of the TGAS board. The staff shall not attempt to investigate the alleged misconduct but shall take such actions as the staff member believes are necessary for the safety of the student involved. The staff member to whom the report is made shall make a written record of the report and provide that record to the Board of Directors immediately.
  2. A written record of the report shall be maintained by the Board of Directors of TGAS for future reference.

Punishment: Corporal punishment or abusive language may not be used by the staff and/or volunteers involved with students under any circumstances. This includes behavior that constitutes verbal, emotional or physical abuse, and behavior or language that is threatening or demeaning.


  1. It shall be the responsibility of the staff to ensure that the volunteers who assist the program comply with the foregoing Policy and it shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure that the staff complies with the Policy.
  2. Any instances of violations of the policy shall be recorded and the staff member and the Board of Directors shall keep a copy of the written report. A copy of the record of a violation by a staff member shall be put in the staff member’s personnel file.
  3. Every year, each volunteer and member of the staff must be provided a copy of this Policy and sign an acknowledgement form (Exhibit B) acknowledging that they have received a copy of the Policy and agreeing to comply with its terms.