Inspiring the Next Generation

Tulsa Girls Art School Capital Campaign


Currently, TGAS delivers visual arts programs that are free for ten years of development to underserved girls who exhibit strong leadership and artistic qualities and express a financial and personal need. The girls are from neighborhoods with threats of high drop out rates, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, family displacement, and few cultural resources. Services are provided year round through daily after-school programs, Saturday open studios, and summer camp sessions, which include a trip to explore a new city – its university, museums & working artists. Students are taught financial responsibility by earning a portion of sales from art shows, which are placed into a micro-savings account. Funds are made available for artistic and educational items. High quality programs are delivered by a team of outstanding arts educators and community volunteers who are trained to find the creative spark in every child. Through educational assistance and partnerships with successful working artists, the girls are encouraged to enter higher education.

Since 2007, TGAS has occupied a 1,400 sq. ft. studio, which also serves as a gallery. TGAS’s home has provided many wonderful memories but, like many growing families, we have expanded well beyond what our studio can hold. We have designed a new home where more children can experience the creativity, love and support that have made TGAS the transformational institution it has become.

During “Inspiring the Next Generation,” Tulsa Girls Art School will renovate and repurpose our facility, raise building costs, support ongoing and new programs, and staff expansion. As we continue the campaign, we look forward to welcoming new supporters of TGAS and the girls we serve. We are excited by the opportunity to expand our proven model and serve more girls in Tulsa.

TGAS’s new facility will transform our old studio into an 11,000 sq. ft. art school. This new space will not only allow us to expand the art opportunities but it also allows us to be more visible to the neighborhood residents and help to further integrate TGAS into the Kendall Whittier community. Several large studios will accommodate various media, age-specific programming, advanced classes, and multiple gallery spaces. This will mean more classes, more students, and more possibilities.

Please be a part of this exciting opportunity.

After a decade of habitation in our cozy but sometimes cramped space, TGAS is ready for the next chapter. We are poised to double the number of girls served through our innovative, unique programming including oil painting, ceramics, woodworking, glass blowing, print making, and more. To do so, TGAS needs a new building to house expanded studio space and gathering places. We hope you will be part of this exciting effort.

A new building for TGAS is more than an opportunity to increase our enrollment and add new programs; it is a reminder to the girls we serve that Tulsa is invested in their success not only as artists but as citizens and community members. Since inception, TGAS has supported hundreds of girls in pursuing their artistic dreams, develop crucial life skills, and gain confidence in themselves. Our new space will ensure that we can continue serving them in new and different ways as well as expand to reach more students.

TGAS changes the lives of underserved girls and young women through the transformational power of the arts. We know this. We have seen it. We have lived it. We now have an opportunity to reach more young women. We invite you to join us by investing in our vision for the future.