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The program is not your typical afterschool arts program!  TGAS provides each student with ten years of focused programming and consistent support beginning in the third grade and continuing through senior year of high school. Over ten years, Tulsa Girls Art School provides consistency. This program is about more than art- it’s a safe place.

It's an innovative year-round visual arts program that provides a safe, supportive environment for young talented girls. Our students learn 15 different mediums of art before high school. Throughout the program students have the freedom to further explore the medium they are most interested in. We provide transportation, supplies, space and instruction. The girls bring determination, vision and inspiration.  Beautiful things happen (literally.)

TGAS sells the artwork that students produce throughout their education. Students can earn money for art-supplies, education materials or save it for college through artwork sales. When a piece of artwork is sold we put 30% of the sale price into a micro-savings account for the student who created it. Senior year, girls receive 100% of their sales to use for college expenses.


"Art school has helped build my confidence."

Emma- Age 10




Executive Director

Adrienne Duffy


Office and Marketing Manager

Brandy Hammons


Art Program Director

Renee Montgomery



Marjorie Atwood


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" At art school I've learned how to communicate with all different kinds of people."

Johanna- Age 14




Kathryn Offermann

Vice President

Laurie Woodruff

2nd Vice President

Cain Wright


Tish Woodberry


Joel Mendez

Immediate Past President

Sara Bost-Fisher


Maria Fedore

Andrea Garner

Annette Johnson

Nancy Kachel

Janice Nicklas

Rick Palazzo

Michael Putzke

Jessica Sisemore

Al Triggs

Danny Ziegler